Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do all mammals experience morning sickness?

I had a thought yesterday, as I put my Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal to one side for fear of bringing it back up again: do all mammals experience morning sickness? I've never heard of a cat or dog (or monkey, donkey (ass) or camel, for that matter) feeling generally crappy and vomiting right after lunch, but surely it can't be just us humans, can it?

As a vegetarian, I stand firm against wearing fur and leather, and using animals as test subjects for cosmetics and other "beauty" products, but I do understand why it's important to test on creatures for pharmaceutical purposes. So, if animals do experience morning sickness, has anyone researched how to put that to good use and find a cure for us ladies? I should imagine not, as there's probably not enough money in it. Also, pharmaceutical companies are mainly run by men, who probably think morning sickness is either funny, or a sign of weakness. We all just accept that feeling crappy for nine months (in one way or another) is par for the course, and I think there's a general feeling of "Well, I had to go through it, so you should to" from women who've had children before.

But I don't want to!

When I asked someone why there isn't a good enough treatment for morning sickness, and why there has been no noticeable development in this area since the 1960s (and look how that turned out), they said "Typical! There isn't a pill for everything, you know."

Well, I think there should be. That's all.


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