Tuesday, October 21, 2008

... and the puking began here!

Threw up for the first time this morning. It's my second wedding anniversary today and it was truly a lovely way to start the day. Husband is currently cooking me an anniversary dinner, I just hope I'll be able to stomach it.

On a (really) unrelated note I've been thinking that it's so unfair that the first trimester has the worst effect on your day-to-day functioning. Even if you're not sick, you can at least expect to be permanently exhausted, absent-minded and emotional. And yet it's the time when you can't explain to your friends/colleagues what's going on, and when your partner is going to be the least supportive, since you don't seem any different to him. By the time you're into the second trimester, you've announced it to your mates and at work, and your other half can see the physical presence of what will be his child, it's all gone and you feel much better. Reasons why it's crap to be a woman #54073549.


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