Friday, October 24, 2008

Caffeine buzzzzzzzzzzzz

Over the past few days, I've noticed some of the people I've told about my pregnancy offering their "advice" to me, usually involving my diet. It's starting to irritate me, as although I know they mean well, I feel like I'm being watched while I eat and drink. Who wouldn't get irritated with that?

I've searched the internet and read a couple of books now on whether drinking caffeine during pregnancy is safe for both me and the baby. Here's what I've found out: women should drink (or eat, I suppose) no more than 200mg of caffeine a day. One can of Diet Coke has about 35mg, so technically I should be able to drink at least five of them before the caffeine police come knocking. Actually, I've done the decent thing health-wise and significantly reduced my intake to just one measly can a day with my lunch. And usually nothing at the weekend, so I'm spreading out a single day's intake over an entire week.

The problem is that I eat lunch at my desk at work, so people who know I'm pregnant have felt the need to ask me how much Diet Coke I drink a day, and suggest that perhaps I should drink water instead. I have upped my water intake (boring as it is) to nearly two litres a day AS WELL as dropping my caffeine intake, so I really don't see what the problem is. And food too! People feel the need to ask me what my food diet is like these days, how often I'm eating and whether I'm eating enough.

I'm actually eating less than I have in years, because my appetite has severely decreased. I get fuller quicker and I've gone off chocolate completely. I know! Chocolate! The horror... the horror... Anyway, I feel good about the amount I'm eating because I know I am a little overweight and I don't mind losing a bit of my own backside to encourage my baby's to grow. I'm still getting mildly criticised though, because people are telling me to eat small portions throughout the day, and to increase my fruits and vegetables. And dairy. And protein. And carbohydrates... but not too many of those.

Sigh. I wish people would stop watching me, or at least stop giving me their advice. I'm perfectly healthy and my baby (as far as I know, this is) is healthy too. So if I want a giant foot-long Subway sandwich for lunch with a can of Diet Coke on the side, people, I'm going to have it! And ya'll can just eff off.


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  1. Tell them to mind their own business and then start passing comment on the suitability of what they're eating: 'Ooh, are you sure about that Fanta? I mean, with your figure?'