Monday, May 10, 2010

Ten. TEN!!

As I was brushing Owen's teeth last night, I thought I saw a flash of white in the corner of his mouth.  Concerned he'd tried to eat something he shouldn't have, I explored his mouth with a finger and found not one... not two... not even three... but FOUR teeth I didn't know he had!  That brings his total to ten.  I cannot believe my child has managed to grow four more teeth that I was completely unaware of.  And this comes from someone who brushes his teeth twice a day and tries desperately to shove food in to his gob another three.  TEN!  I was impressed last week with six.  Now I'm close to passing out...

Mother's Day in America was yesterday, which was kinda cool.  In keeping with last year's pre-baby/motherhood theme, Owen (Mike, ahem) bought me new bedding.  Last year was some glorious stuff for our main bedroom and this year it was a new quilt set for the guest room we've just finished redecorating.  I also got a fancy schmancy breakfast cooked for me and some flowers.  The breakfast gave both me and Mike mild food poisoning overnight, but it was worth it.  Hahaha.

I've also discovered I really enjoying mowing the lawn.  That's not in the least bit interesting, I do realise, but there's something very calming about sticking on some headphones and just getting on with it.  Plus we share some lawn at the front with two neighbours, and there's an immense satisfaction about having a neater lawn than them, even if it's only for 24 hours.

I had a really long list of stuff I wanted to write about in my head earlier and now I've forgotten nearly everything.  Ho hum.


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