Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Seattle and other stuff

Since I last updated, Owen and I took a short break to Seattle to see some friends who moved out there last year.  I was pregnant when they moved so they've never met Owen, and it was really nice to travel out there and do some catching-up.  They have a two-year-old who is completely off the wall, and it was hilarious watching her interact with Owen, wondering on earth they were making of each other.

I'm pretty impressed with myself for managing this trip alone to be honest, as there was a four hour flight out there, and (once you calculate in all the frickin' delays and shit) an even longer one home.  And not only that, but on the Wednesday before we left Owen woke up with a cough, which slowly became an absolutely horrendous sinus infection, complete with five minute cycles in the middle of the night of falling asleep, coughing, waking up and then throwing up.  I'm not kidding or exaggerating - every.  single.  five.  minutes.  We left home Thursday morning after me seriously considering not going, and that night was possibly one of the worst I've ever endured with my son.  The last time things were so bad was in September, when he was not only recoving from hernia surgery, but also had pneumonia AND a 48-hour EEG monitor stuck to his head.  Yup, that was pretty bad, but at least Mike and I were in it together and we were in our own home.  This time I was by myself in someone else's flat.  I felt absolutely miserable and exhausted the next day, which really put a dampner on the entire trip.  He did improve slightly over the next few days, but he was still very poorly on Sunday during the flight home, so Mike took Monday off work to help me get some rest and to take Owen to the doctor.  You know things are bad when Mike takes time off work.

Little O is now responding to antibiotics and seems basically back to himself again, other than being a bit more sleepy and cuddly than usual - which I am in no way complaining about!  He's back on the nebulizer for a bit and the antibiotics are making his poo purple, but other than that things are getting back to normal.

I'm so glad I went to Seattle, even if it was incredibly tiring.  Now I can REALLY put up an argument when people humm and harr about flying with small children.  Get over it!  Heavens; if I can fly solo across a continent with a very poorly, tube-fed, refluxing 11-month-old, then you can fly with your very normal, healthy child, fully supported by a spouse! 

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But Seattle was nice!


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