Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things which confuse me...

1. The difference between "that" and "which".  I really ought to know this by now, seeing as I correct other people's grammatical errors for a living.
2. Why people iron baby clothes.  Or children's clothes, for that matter.  Actually... I don't know why people bother to iron on a regular basis at all.  I certainly don't and I'm still alive.
3. Gender stereotypes.
4. Why chocolate isn't good for me.
5. Manual gearboxes on cars.  Yes, I learnt to drive in a manual and I even passed my test in one, but now I've been solely driving an automatic for the last five years, a manual really baffles me.  Biting point... what?
6. Vegans.  Vegetarians, I get.  Vegans, I don't.
7. Bob.  He's just TOO Bob sometimes, as I said to Mike last night.  The cat needs Zoloft.
8. Wisconsin weather.
9. Illinois drivers.
10. Why people in this country don't want healthcare reform, and they use the "Socialist" UK as an example of it not working.  Firstly, the USA IS Socialist, and secondly, the NHS might have its flaws, but it seems to be trotting along just fine.


1 comment:

  1. There are LOTS of things which confuse me but right now I'm confused as to why I have a bottle of wine called 'Mad Fish' and it has a picture of a tortoise on it.