Monday, February 22, 2010

Ideas and work

I finished off a copyediting project last night and diligently sent it off to the publishers so they had it first thing Monday morning.  Finishing writing projects always gets me really fired up, so I had a terrible night's sleep and was up an HOUR before the alarm clock went off.  Thing is, I haven't even felt the effects yet because while I was working on the manuscript over the weekend, I had a fantastic idea for a book.  I put something together last night and asked my publishers if they would accept a book proposal from me today, which they said they would.  So this morning I put together my first ever book proposal... which is weird considering I've already had two of the blighters published... but now I'm extremely nervous waiting to hear back from them.  It's like waiting for your essay marks back at university, or even better: a pregnancy test.

I personally think my proposal is a total winner, but then I would say that, wouldn't I?  I'm not going to tempt fate and start spreading my ideas all over the internet like Nutella (nom nom nom), but I really do think it's a corker.  I'm also rather chuffed with the way I wrote the proposal, managing to incorporate all the things I love about Crimson without sucking up, and really getting detailed on the chapter synopses.  I really, really hope they pick it up, and that all this waiting and no news is actually good news.  Maybe my editor has taken it to someone higher up the chain of command and they're mulling it over during a morning meeting tomorrow.  Either way, I'm still checking my e-mails every other minute - even though I know the UK is six hours ahead and they'll have all gone home by now.

If this one does go into publication it'll be my third book, but the only one I'll own the rights to.  I think I can choose to sell the copyright to the publishers for a fee, or receive royalties instead.  It's kind of a niche market I'm aiming at so I'll probably go with the fee, but even so... THIRD BOOK!  Mike said I'll sound like a proper author now.

Oh, and Baby Names 2011 is going ahead, which will technically be a second edition (the first being Baby Names 2010), but I'm counting it as a whole 'nother book.  So there.  Creepy Rich (*shudder*) bought a copy of Baby Names 2010 for his wife as she's expecting their first child, and messaged me on Facebook to sign it.  So far I've avoided that particular minefield but it's only a matter of time before my ego is stroked to excess and I give in.  After all, there is something wickedly cool about signing your own books.



  1. What I wouldn't give to have a publisher to pitch a book proposal at! : )

    Best of luck with it!

  2. Thanks! They still haven't got back to me, which I'm hoping means no news is good news.

    Keep your fingers crossed...

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