Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow, kitchen and nails

It's snowing.  Again.  It looks pretty, but it's a bastard to drive in.  And this is the first year we've had to shovel our own driveway clear of it, which is only slightly less extruciating than digging your car out of the two feet of drift the snow plough just pushed up against it in the apartment building car park.  While pregnant.  And it's -30F.  And there's been an ice storm, which has stuck said ice to your windscreen an inch thick.  And no-one sells de-icer, so you have to scrape it off in two minute bursts, broken up only by warming yourself up in your car for another ten.

Ah yes.  The famous Wisconsin winters.  At least this year I don't have to wake up two hours early to get the car prepared to leave for work on time, and thanks to my insistence on purchasing a house with an attached double garage, I never have to scrape my car again.  I do, however, have to think about Owen and whether valet parking at Children's Hospital is truly a lazy girl's game or a stroke of genius.

Speaking of CHOW (I love that acronym), I took the babba up there today for his CT exam.  He was a perfect angel and slept all the waaaaaay... until they switched on the machine and strapped his head and arms down.  Apparently that's not very comfortable compared to my left shoulder, and he let us all know about it.  He screamed so much they've had to postpone the test until Friday, when he can be sedated.  So, what should have been a half hour scan has now turned into a full day in the surgery clinic.  Naughty baby, but I can't blame him for being scared.

In other news: our kitchen is being installed tomorrow!  Yaaaaay!!  Cannot.  Bleedin'.  Wait.  I HATE our old kitchen and I said when we moved in that other than Owen's nursery, the kitchen was the first room I was going to work on.  It's just such an eyesore, which its orange (ORANGE!!) cabinets, ivy print wallpaper and fake wood laminate countertops.  Eugh.  At least from tomorrow we'll have beautiful cupboards, even if we have to wait a bit longer for the sink and countertops to arrive.  In the meantime I consider ourselves very lucky to have a downstairs bathroom to wash Owen's stuff in.

And finally:  I must be getting a bit stressed at the moment because I've had to resort to painting my nails with Stop 'n' Grow for the first time since I was sixteen.  I'm so ashamed. 


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