Thursday, December 10, 2009


Well, the kitchen's halfway there!  All the cabinets are in, so now we have to have the countertops people round to take the final measurements (why they couldn't just take the specs from the cabinet order, I don't know.  It's not as though anything's bleedin' changed) and get those ordered.  That should take another couple of weeks, but Mike cunningly kept hold of the old wooden tops so we can balance them for something to chop our veggies on.  We are still without a sink in the meantime, but at least it's something.

The cabinets are SO PRETTY!  I love them, I do.  I think I might have chosen to sleep in the kitchen tonight if it weren't for the state of the half ripped-up floor with its dangerous spiky nails everywhere.  Seriously, I love the design that much.

The nurse came over today to give Owen his RSV shot and to take his vitals.  The boy, at six and a half months, is 27" long and weighs 18lb 11oz!  He weighed 5lb 14oz at birth, so it's quite remarkable.  In fact, since his last weigh-in less than a month ago, he's put on nearly two whole pounds.  What a superstar!  He has also learnt the "L" sound and is currently rolling happily around on my floor under the Christmas tree practising it.  It truly makes my heart sing to see him so happy, because for so much of the rest of his life he's so damned uncomfortable.

I took him to the neurologist today but he couldn't tell me much as we're waiting for the CT scan to happen tomorrow.  He seemed surprised that Owen's myoclonic jerks were under control, given that he has optical nerve pressure and restricted head growth.  Apparently seizures and seizure-like activity should actually increase with inter-cranial pressure, not the other way around.  He had no idea if my theory about pressure = migraines = extra vomiting could be accurate, as there are lots of ways pressure can manifest and until we see the results of the scan we won't know whether the brain's control site for vomiting is affected.  So we'll sleep on it and find out what's happening tomorrow.

OH!  And I feel very good about Owen's growth because a few times since his last weigh-in we took him down to four feeds a day (when we were travelling, for example), and I was very concerned that he wouldn't be getting enough nutrition if we did it too often.  But he did, and that makes me feel good.  I think the extra solids are really helping in that respect.



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