Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My sweet sweet baby has discovered he has an opinion.  Wait, let me rephrase that: he has an OPINION!!

For a child who cannot talk, sign, or generally communicate to me what his needs and wants are, he sure is getting good at telling me anyway.  He has entered a rather amusing phase in his life where tantrums are starting to play a significant role in his communication skills.  We're not sure he'll ever be able to speak in the same way you and I do (well, not my little sister V - she and Little O may have a lot in common), but he's certainly finding his voice.

I was brushing my teeth this morning and put Little O on the bathroom counter so he could watch.  He likes to play with the lotions and potions up there and it keeps him from scooting around on his backside outta the door and down the stairs.  I gave him a packet of flossups to play with while I was occupied with a toothbrush, and he was very happy watching me and chewing on the plastic wrapping while he waited.  Well, then I wanted to USE a flossup to floss my teeth with, which required me to extricate said item from small child.  This did not go down well.  He SCREAMED, went red in the face, burst into tears, and started whacking his thighs with tiny, bunched-up fists of infant fury.  I found the whole thing terribly funny, especially as, as soon as I'd got out a flossup and given them back to him, he stopped his tantrum instantly and resumed chewing the corner of the packet.

Ah, I love Little O.  The more 'normal' stuff he does, the prouder I am of him.  It's just such a joy to see him achieve a goal he's really struggled with, as well as the other 'norrmal' development milestones like throwing temper tantrums.  At this point I love everything he does, from the back-scooting to the tantrums.  Ask me again in a month though and I may have changed my mind...


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