Monday, September 27, 2010

The greatest good luck charm EVER

This evening Little O said "Mama" for the very first time.  I have my interview this week and it's the greatest good luck charm I've ever had.  He's so cute when he says his Ms; he approaches them cautiously, as though he's warming up: "Aaaaa hhhhmmm mmmmaaaa".  He likes to practice them in the car while we listen to music, and sometimes he even hums along and dances to the beat.

Tonight was the first time he really responded to me saying "Mama" to him though, because after copying me a few times and getting out a couple of "Mmmmaaa" sounds, he suddenly went "Mama", completely out of the blue.  What a wonderful feeling, to hear your child say your name.

I was so happy I cried.


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