Monday, August 30, 2010

Radio Ga Ga, Radio Goo Goo

Over the weekend things felt a lot better for me.  We met up with some friends on Saturday morning to visit the Milwaukee Zoo (seeing the orangutans is VERY important for Little O, you see), and the weather was just gorgeous.  Because these friends also have a little one, they completely understood when we needed to stop and change a diaper, or set up Little O's feeding pump, or whatever.  The difference between going on a day trip with these friends and going on day trips when my Mum was out here was astonishing.  Just so much more relaxed, and we had plenty to discuss.  I really, really like L.  She's so 'with it' in terms of her career and her relationship with her husband, but sometimes asks for my advice regarding her baby.  It makes me feel fantastic to reassure her about a minor detail, or to suggest she asks her doctor about this or that.  And by the same token, I call on her to reassure ME that I'm not going crazy when I fuck things up at home or with my own husband.  She's just a really cool lady.

After the zoo we went home and took a family nap.  It.  Was.  Awesome.

Saturday night I stayed up late preparing for my radio interviews.  Butterfly Charlie, who reads this blog, told me afterwards that she'd listened in and thought I was an excellent guest.  :)  This is good to hear: partly because she works in the media, and partly because I was shitting bricks when I did them.  The first was in Leeds and I thought I sounded really stupid and nervous, but after Manchester, Sheffield, Derby, and West Midlands, I think I had the routine down pat and did a good job.  I felt incredibly energised afterwards, and even though I slunk into bed at 3.30am I was wide awake for another hour or so, just running things through my head again.  I listened to the shows the next day to reassure myself I hadn't made a complete arse of myself, and they weren't too bad.  You can actually still listen to them for another few days, but as they give out my full name I'm not going to link to the sites on this blog.  If I'm friends with you on another site, ask me for the links and I shall oblige.

Oh, and one last thing.  My husband and I had unprotected sex for the first time.  (Well, not the FIRST time... obviously... Little O is proof enough of that.)  Watch this space, and keep your fingers crossed I'm not up the duff YET.  Christmas would be just fine.


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