Wednesday, June 16, 2010

F*ckitty f*ck f*ck f*ck

So, I finished a copyediting project at the beginning of the week (a day early, I might add) and in my e-mail to the sub-editor, I casually mentioned that I hadn't yet been given a brief for Baby Names 2011 (US edition), and seeing as she had told me the manuscript needed to be finished by July, I wanted more information pretty sharpish.  I mean, leaving me two and a half weeks to re-write an entire book wasn't really good enough.  So she replied by thanking me for my copyedit, and told me that she hadn't yet been given the go-ahead for Baby Names 2011 (US), but she'd let me know as soon as she had.

Then today, I received an e-mail telling me it's no longer going ahead!  Ahhhhhh!!  Apparently their acquisitions department has royally screwed up, and they have to delay the title by another year ... which means it'll be Baby Names 2012 (US), and I'll start work next May.  NEXT MAY!!  Honey, I need that cheque THIS year, not next!  And let me remind you, YOU approached ME about this title, not the other way around.  I was quite content to just mooch along with the UK edition, but the second you told me Crimson was planning a US edition, I got all excited and essentially cleared some time so I could work on it.  Now I have nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  I am at your mercy, and it's not something I'm remotely comfortabe with.

The other balls-up was that Mike forgot to put the bins out this morning. They collect recycling every other week, and now Little O's formula comes in handy-dandy pre-mixed cans, we have A LOT of recycling to get rid of.  It's now going to stink up the garage for two weeks and multiply.  And I am going to yell at Mike, because it was his fault.

Little O still has an upset stomach, and I've already changed him four times this morning (it's 9.20am).  The GI clinic called me back yesterday and they're putting him on some kind of bacteria-bustin' medication because they reckon his digestive tract is still trying to figure out the new formula and is working overtime, producing too much bacteria and whipping food through him too quickly.  He's hasn't gained any weight in over a month (hasn't lost any either though, which I suppose is something) and just seems pretty miserable these days.  His poor little bottom is absolutely COVERED in a rash, too, because sometimes his poop doesn't smell and I don't catch it in time, so he has to sit in it for a while.  The rash has been bleeding the last couple of days, so the GI clinic has also prescribed some fancy-schmancy cream to help clear things up.  Poor little baby.  I feel very helpless and sorry for him.

Immunology appointment this afternoon.  Fingers crossed things aren't THAT bad and he dosn't need transfusions or a bone marrow transplant ...  I'll post more once we've seen the docs.

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