Saturday, June 26, 2010

Continuing my rant, followed by birthday fun

Right.  Got a bit sidetracked the other night and forgot to finish my post, so I'll do my best to finish up what I can remember.

I was all angsty after Thursday's SS appointment, and one of the reasons was the fact I was up there for THREE HOURS.  I obviously hadn't accounted for this and so I hadn't brought any of Little O's food with me.  I'd fed him at 8am that morning, and didn't leave the clinic until 1.30pm, which meant he didn't start his lunch until 2.30pm.  He's also developed this incredibly annoying habit of wanting to nap at EXACTLY the wrong moment, so that instead of being hungry and wanting to enjoy some PediaSure (mmm, banana flavour-y), he basically yelled the whole way home until I put him in his crib.  I figured I'd just hook up his feeding pump and let him get as much as he could while he was asleep, but Little O is having none of that at the moment and as soon as he starts to feel something entering his tummy, he wakes up again and yells.  Yells until he chokes and throws up anything I've just spent the last half an hour trying to put in to him.  It's completely maddening, and I just get so frustrated sometimes.

All I ever try to do is keep my son healthy, happy and growing.  I do my best to make time for appointments and specialists, but it's infuriating to have to reschedule Little O's life around THEIR office times.  It's worse when an appointment takes three sodding hours, Little O won't sleep, and then basically misses an entire feed because he's all out of sorts.  I hate other people sometimes.  They make our lives very difficult.

Today was a better day.  I was utterly exhausted last night (it was Friday, after all, but let's not go down the ol' Spoons route again.  I don't have the va va voom for that right now), and started falling asleep on the couch at 6pm.  Mike ordered me to bed, and in bed I stayed... until 9.30am this morning.  I was so startled when I woke up and the clock said 9.30 but it was light outside.  It felt WONDERFUL to get that much sleep and really recharged my batteries.  We even had sex to celebrate.  :) 

Feckin' miracle, that is.

We took Little O to his friend's first birthday party this afternoon at the zoo.  She is such an adorable little princess, but that child LOVES to get messy!  She had a massive pink giraffe birthday cake, and when she was given a slice she tore in to that thing like she'd never eaten before in her short little life.  She was absolutely covered in cake, crumbs, and icing, and I think I wasn't the only one who found it hysterically funny when she pressed her sticky pink hands against her mother's clean white shorts.  I'm still chuckling about it now.  I got some beautiful shots of Little O and his birthday-girl friend sitting on the grass together, but I think Facebook is as far as they'll be going.  Sorry about that.  Of course, you can always befriend me on FB and share in Little O's gorgeousness instead.


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