Thursday, January 1, 2009

An apology...

So, I feel an apology is due. In an earlier post, I whinged on about the medical industry not seeming to care about morning sickness and other beastly things women have to put up with during pregnancy. Well, apparently they do care. A little bit, at least.

Let me explain.

Up until mid-November, I was feeling quite chuffed that I hadn't thrown up with morning sickness, although I did feel pretty rotten for most of the day, every day. Then I started to be sick occasionally, mainly in the morning and usually if I hadn't eaten enough. It happened about once a week until mid-December, when I started to not get through two days without heaving. It started to wear me out and I had to take two days off work just to recover (only one of which they are paying me for, the bastards. Since April I've worked there and I'm only entitled to one measly sick day!) Anywhoo, a week and a half ago it got very bad. Very bad indeed. I started to not be able to keep food down at all, and began to lose weight. In fact, by the time I made it in to see the doctor, I weighed less than I did before I got pregnant. This, apparently, is not good news.

So, everything came to a head last Monday. I woke up at 4am and proceeded to throw up every fifteen minutes until we left to see the doctor at 10am. I am proud to say I did not throw up at the doctor's office, but as I'd been puking up stomach fluids and whatnot, there was no fluid left in me to pee into a little cup. I saw the nurse, who was lovely lovely lovely (and eight months pregnant herself) and she gave me some water with delicious ice chips in. I am now a fan of this nurse. The doctor came in next, took one look at me and prescribed anti-nausea medication. I am now also a fan of this doctor and the entire medical industry.

Apparently, they DO care! They make lovely little white pills which, when taken correctly and with food (providing, of course, you don't feel so bad you puke them up before they get a chance to work) stop ladies from feeling sick within about an hour. This is like pregnancy crack for me, and I feel wonderful again. I haven't had to take them every day, but the thought they're there is extremely comforting. My official diagnosis was hyperemesis gravidarum (see, which is one notch up from "normal" morning sickness and if not treated, can be quite scary. I am therefore extremely happy to have nipped this in the bud. The doctor was also happy, as if I had gone on for any longer he would have sent me straight down to emergency and hooked me up to a fluid drip.

Me and my baby are now getting healthy again. I can keep my prenatal vitamins down and I've gone off junk food completely, which means I'm eating salads and drinking lots of juice. It's good to know things are back on track and I'm now looking forward to January 15th, 2009, when my husband and I find out the sex of the baby and get to explore the maternity ward at the hospital. All exciting stuff, and I can look forward to it knowing I won't be throwing up throughout the experience.

Happy days are here again.


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