Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just a quickie - although I must say I'm genuinely surprised that I can't find more to add to this blog!

I made a comment recently in front of several people I know about throwing up at certain times of the day. A middle-aged male acquaintence said, "Well, that's self-inflicted though", as if I'd been referring to a bad hangover or something.

Honestly, silly girl, choosing to have a baby on a whim like that and then moaning about it! Women are just so selfish, having children like some sort of hobby. I mean, you never catch a man doing anything stupid like that do you? No, they stick to sensible things like fighting. A load of men, going around fighting.

Disclaimer: the above is a load of sarcasm, mixed with a Father Ted quote, before anyone tries to quote me on it


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